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Our Roadtrip to see Fall out Boy 23 to 25 of March 2007

Oki, first the weekend was awesome!! Three days on the road, meet nice people and Patrick!! But let me beginn on Friday!

Babsi picked me up from the airport in Hamburg and we hit the road! Down to Thuringia to pick up Moni, Kristin and Nicole! But we got lost and suddenly we where in Switzerland! *lol* Just kiding but we had to ask for the way and the old Lady told us that this town we wanted to go is in Switzerland. :-) But we foundet! After we had some Pizza we watched some Vids and went to bed.

On Saturday we get up early and hit the road again. To Berlin to see Fall out Boy. It was great. We talked much and listen to music (very loud *lol*). We were in Berlin around 3 p.m. Some girls where there already. After some time a bus stopped there. And who comes out??? FALL OUT BOY!!!  I still can´t belive it! There were so close (and so short).

We had to wait some more. Some girls behind us talked in english and we started to talk to them. Later there where some people from england there to. After we got in we went straight to the stage. The support act Dúné where good. After an hour or so Fall out Boy came on stage and we all got seperated. But it was amazing. Pete is so f*** hot!!! The hour went by so quickly.

After the concert we bought some merch and went out. We meet the girls (and the guy) from bevor the concert and we waited for Fall out Boy. Some guys from the support act where outside and we talked to them. Then after an hour or so Andy came out. But the bodyguard said no pictures and no autographs. Another hour later the Bodyguard came back and told us to form a line. We all did (we where the first on). The "Drill Instructor" said that one of the boys will come down and we can either take a picture or get one autograph. And Patrick came down and we get this awesome pictures. It was great. After that we got back to the car and went back to Monis Place (we where there at  5 a.m.).

On Sunday we where back on the way to the Airport! YEAH and Honestly Why am I living in UK??? My Best Friends living in Germany ^^ Just Kidding...I'm going back to germany soon enough ^^

Well...but it was THE BEST WEEKEND EVER!!! And I shared it with Awesome people...